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Earthquake Resistance

The Earthquake Resistance TMT Bars in North-East India

Highly ductile with added manganese:

Several studies have been conducted on the concrete beam column joints reinforced with Xtech Thermex TMT Bars to evaluate the strength and performance under repeated reversed loading with large deformations that happen during an earthquake. The studies revealed that energy dissipation has been same for each cycle indicating uniformly maintained ductility of Xtech TMT bars in repeated stress cycles; establishing superior earthquake resistant properties of Xtech TMT Bars.

High Bend Ability

TMT bars are manufactured either by Thermex process or by Tempcore process. They display a strong external martensite surface and a ferrite-pearlite core; which stays indifferent of the process they are made from. TMT bars should be easily bent, elongated or molded into various angles or shape depending on requirement. Xtech TMT bar can be bent easily and sharply as required at the construction site. Their special micro structure Further adds to their bendability.

Rib Formation:

TMT Bars showcase a unique cross-rib (x-rib) pattern which enables them to strong bond resulting in give double strength and strong bonding / adherence with concrete. The ribs are made by cutting machines unlike ordinary bars being manually cut leaving them non-uniform and weak bonding with concrete. Due to this uniformity and finesse through machine cut, the fatigue strength of Xtech Bars is superior to ordinary.

Steel Grade

Xtech produces high-quality TMT bars (6mm to 32mm dia.) in Fe-500 and Fe-500 D steel grades. This is also the most ideal grade for manufacturing earthquake resistant TMT bars. These bars are also differentiated on the basis of Lower levels of sulphur and phosphorus.